School of Business and Economics Business leaders’ today need to think on their feet, assimilate data quickly, seize opportunities, and understand and manage risk. An outstanding business school education must develop visionaries through a rigorous academic experience that successfully bridges theory and practice. AIU School of Business and Economics is poised to become the front-runner in this charge, starting with some natural advantages: cutting-edge faculty research, a focus on experiential learning, a powerful alumni network, and a location in the city of Nairobi. AIU’s alumni have carried into the society: i. High levels of integrity and trust within business and corporate systems ii. Strong biblical and theological foundations for doing business; engaging corporate systems in the global environment of relativism and pluralism. iii. The ability to utilize appropriate technical knowledge and skills (hard, soft and reinforcing) required to perform in business and corporate systems iv. Sensitivity to the environment and family in the creation and management of wealth v. Both historical and contemporary trends in making decisions in both business and corporate systems vi. Doing business as a mission vii. Continuation of learning and expanding their knowledge, skills and abilities. This will continue as many more students pass through the well able faculty at AIU

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